Fall Ride – Lower Faraday Road on ZZR 1200

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This ride is one of the prettiest roads to ride in southern Ontario. Its known for being the”longest” short road in the area. It connects hwy 28 and hwy 620 in the Kawarthas.

The ride itself is best in the autumn, it has a few rough spots in the road but overall its not bad. Speed limit is only 60K but you can push it to 80 in some spots. There is very very little traffic if any on this road. Has some hills and it is very scenic with a few spots having overhanging trees and almost a tunnel affect for several hundred yards.

Ride: Summary:   Road Condition (1-5)  3   Scenery: (1-5) 4  Enjoyment Factor (1-5) 4

Date of Ride:  October 5 2012

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