Mt Tremblant Ride Quebec on Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

July 26th 2012 Riding with my friend Bill from Cambridge Ontario.  Bill was on his Yamaha 1100 cruiser.  We started out from my place on Buckhorn Lake and came up into Quebec through Hawesbury and then took secondary highways up into the village of Mt. Tremblant.

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This video covers only a few short kilometers outside of the ski and resort area of Mt. Tremblant. The road is called Chemin Duplessis, fantastic road, smooth and well maintained, a real riding adventure, twisty and well made. Not too much traffic if you head out in the early morning as Bill and I did.  This video is good quality but a

maybe a bit too much wind noise.. check it out.

Summary: Road Cond (1-5) 5  Scenery (1-5) 3.8  Enjoyment (1-5) 4 Reride? Yes

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