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fjc1I am first a professional hotelier/photographer and second a motorcycle enthusiast. Here I am making an effort to combine the two. The resort hotel industry lent itself to my travelling a good part of the world and photography became a natural extension to  capturing the changing  landscapes and architecture found through the camera’s lens.

My name is Frank “Julius” Csenki, I live in Ontario and love the variety that this fantastic province provides. The nature, great outdoors as well as the cities and the fabulous architecture you can find throughout this province, from the days of the settlers to the modern skyscrapers of Toronto. I am also very proud of my ongoing  hotel and resort environment photo shoots..these I do for a number of properties in the USA and Caribbean and now looking to do in Canada as well as internationally.

Recently however, I have developed a passion for riding.. I mean motorcycles.. and now I ride a Kawasaki sports bike, and this now lets me combine the fun and thrill of riding with the ever changing landscape of Ontario. I now do videos as well of my rides throughout the province and countless photographs of my rides and tours.

I hope you enjoy this blog and this effort. Please feel free to comment on anything I post here. Yes.. this blog is about capturing the biking and touring life, but all our lives are connected to one another..don’t believe me?  Check this out.. the best three minutes you will spend today..guaranteed.

have a look at this.

Sincerely… now let’s go riding….


Frank Julius – PhotoOntario.com

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