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ZZR1200 Ride Gorgeous Kawarthas

This ride is an excerpt from a longer video posted on Video Fav’s.

The area is the Kawarthas, located in south central Ontario, where I live during the good weather and absolutely love riding the roads throughout this region. Check out this great ride.. starts Hwy 28 for a bit, then a right turn onto Northey’s Bay road..and its pretty winding. Great Ride.. great fun!

Riding my 2003 Kawasaki ZZR1200 using Contour 1080P helmet mounted videocam.

enjoy  … select “highf def 720P” if you can.. and sound on! loud! lol

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Glamorgan Road to Haliburton Ontario

Well. .this ride takes you through cottage country once again. It starts really just outside of Gooderham about a mile or so.. and takes a right turn onto Glamorgan Road, runs about 12 minutes or so..and up to hwy 118 into Haliburton. This video stops at the end of Glamorgan but just left at the T junction about 3 miles is the town of Haliburton.

This video contains music.. and following this video is another one but with natural sound

Hope you enjoy.. ride was done in fall of 2012 on my Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 .. great ride!



and of course your comments are welcomed always! Happy riding..

Natural Sound on this version

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Highway 35 Ride to Dorset on Vulcan 1500

This ride was a lot of fun.. was on my own ..riding my 1500 Vulcan.

Ride is on highway 35 from Norland Ontario up into Dorset. It was just the beginning of the riding season way too early really. .was mid March..but beautiful out, and still ice on all the lakes in the Kawarthas.. this is a great ride. check it out.

Summary: Road Cond (1-5) 5 Scenery (1-5) 4  Enjoyment (1-5) 5 Reride? Yes


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Mt Tremblant Ride Quebec on Kawasaki ZZ-R1200

July 26th 2012 Riding with my friend Bill from Cambridge Ontario.  Bill was on his Yamaha 1100 cruiser.  We started out from my place on Buckhorn Lake and came up into Quebec through Hawesbury and then took secondary highways up into the village of Mt. Tremblant.

This video covers only a few short kilometers outside of the ski and resort area of Mt. Tremblant. The road is called Chemin Duplessis, fantastic road, smooth and well maintained, a real riding adventure, twisty and well made. Not too much traffic if you head out in the early morning as Bill and I did.  This video is good quality but a

maybe a bit too much wind noise.. check it out.

Summary: Road Cond (1-5) 5  Scenery (1-5) 3.8  Enjoyment (1-5) 4 Reride? Yes

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Fall Ride – Lower Faraday Road on ZZR 1200

This ride is one of the prettiest roads to ride in southern Ontario. Its known for being the”longest” short road in the area. It connects hwy 28 and hwy 620 in the Kawarthas.

The ride itself is best in the autumn, it has a few rough spots in the road but overall its not bad. Speed limit is only 60K but you can push it to 80 in some spots. There is very very little traffic if any on this road. Has some hills and it is very scenic with a few spots having overhanging trees and almost a tunnel affect for several hundred yards.

Ride: Summary:   Road Condition (1-5)  3   Scenery: (1-5) 4  Enjoyment Factor (1-5) 4

Date of Ride:  October 5 2012

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Haliburton to Gooderham Fall Ride

We did this fall ride in October 2012..headed out from Curve Lake Ont to Dorset. The

Location of Ride

section of the ride captured here on my helmet cam is the part from Haliburton to Gooderham..runs about twenty two minutes… Riders were:

Gary and JoAnne – Riding – Harley,  Paul and Marilyn – Riding Harley, Dave and Diane – Riding – Harley, Maude and Rick – Riding Harley..and me, Frank Riding 1200 ZZR

Temp: around 45degrees. Overcast and then drizzle.. Total Ride time: 5 Hours

Summary : Road Cond (1-5) 4  Scenery (1-5) 4.5  Enjoyment Factor (1-5) 4  Reride? Yes

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From Motorbike Rider’s Perspective

Nice Winding Road in the Kawarthas

Getting Ready to Ride

Ride Northey’s Bay Road in the Kawarthas – North Side of Stoney Lake

This road is a real fun ride.. its very winding for about 5 kilometers, not a fast ride but fun factor is good. The best part of the ride is newly paved road.


Ride Summary: Road Cond (1-5) 4  Scenery (1-5) 3  Enjoyment Factor (1-5)4 Reride? Yes

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