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This page will contain basically two themes.. first being a collection of my favorite rides and the second topic would be a likeness of my “bucket list“. That would be talking about some of the places in the world I would love to visit to photograph and of course ride. I may have some links on this page that show some of those videos from those who have had the good fortune to have been there so for now I have no choice but to enlist them for my vicarious needs.

Some of my most favorites rides of the year past..

ZZR1200  Ride in Kawarthas

This ride is an excerpt from a longer video posted just after this one.The area is the Kawarthas, where I live during the good weather and absolutely love riding this region and its roads. Check out this great ride.. starts hwy 28 for a bit, then right turn onto Northey’s Bay road..and its pretty winding. Great Ride.. great fun!

enjoy  … select “highf def 720P” if you can.. and sound on! loud! lol

Riding my 2003 Kawasaki ZZR1200 using Contour 1080P helmet mounted cam.

Kawarthas Ride:

This ride Called “Kawarthas Ride” has natural sound, I will be posting an abbreviated version just before this video shortly (done see video above) that has a cool soundtrack, to me the soundtrack enhances the riding

experience, but then again, each to their own. Anyway.. this video takes you from Curve Lake Road to Buckhorn then over to Burleigh Falls and north a bit on hwy 28 once again to Northey’s Bay Road and back. Its one of my all time favorite rides I take on a regular basis, good road condition and a joy to ride, not far from where I have my summer place, the ride there and back is just over an hour. this video is nowhere that long.. but fun ride.. hear the wind..  Mind you, wearing a full face helmet, I hear very little wind noise, what you are hearing is what the camera mic is picking up and I have that set to low..anyway, enjoy.

Best to set your video quality on this to high def 720 if you can. 

Glamorgan Road Ride:

Well. .this ride takes you through cottage country once again. It starts really just outside of Gooderham about a mile or so.. and takes a right turn onto Glamorgan Road, runs about 12 minutes or so..and up to hwy 118 into Haliburton. This video stops at the end of Glamorgan but just left at the T junction about 3 miles is the town of Haliburton.

This video contains music.. and following this video is another one but with natural sound

Hope you enjoy.. ride was done in fall of 2012 on my Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 .. great ride!



and of course your comments are welcomed always! Happy riding..

Natural Sound on this version



Bucket List : Places in this world I still need to ride 

First Place: The Transfagarasan Pass in Central Romania – Number one Road on my Bucket list:   Marvel at these photos – unbelievable.

Center map
Get Directions

Second Place: The Stelvio Pass in Switzerland – World famous with bikers. Most bikers here are using sports bikes and adventure bikes.. hardly any cruisers at all. What a fantastic road this appears to be. Definitely on my list : Number 2

Center map
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