Haliburton to Gooderham Fall Ride

We did this fall ride in October 2012..headed out from Curve Lake Ont to Dorset. The

Location of Ride

section of the ride captured here on my helmet cam is the part from Haliburton to Gooderham..runs about twenty two minutes… Riders were:

Gary and JoAnne – Riding – Harley,  Paul and Marilyn – Riding Harley, Dave and Diane – Riding – Harley, Maude and Rick – Riding Harley..and me, Frank Riding 1200 ZZR

Temp: around 45degrees. Overcast and then drizzle.. Total Ride time: 5 Hours

Summary : Road Cond (1-5) 4  Scenery (1-5) 4.5  Enjoyment Factor (1-5) 4  Reride? Yes

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