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Advertise With Us!

What do you get?


Globally recognized, the CHA is a highly respected professional credential that validates advanced knowledge in the hospitality industry.  It is an honor awarded to lodging professionals whose leadership and managerial abilities are exemplary.


Your establishment will be fully reviewed and assigned a rating grade (1-5) scale in the following areas:

* Service Standards * Food Quality * Establishment Cleanliness * Friendliness

* Menu Selection  *Atmosphere/Ambiance * Pricing/Value * Parking Accessibility

* Return Factor . There will also be a written commentary on the overall dining and guest stay experience. ( Review method will be your choice – Blind Review or Preplanned Announced Reviewallowing you to prepare )

Note: If your business is not tourism related, but other retail type such as motorcycle shop or other business, your establishment will still receive a service standards review, with a listing in appropriate blog menu category. is a motorcycle touring enthusiasts’ website blog. We strive to provide an informative and intelligent platform for the riding segment of tourism throughout Ontario, along with a venue for presentation of signature photographs and videos of this fantastic province and all it has to offer for the touring motorcycle rider and passenger. Our aim is to be a “goto” website and blog to express the riding experience for all sport bikers, sport touring bikers and cruiser riders enjoying our province, its roads, its restaurants, hotels, inns, scenery, and our cultural diversity.

 For Rates information regarding our most reasonably priced monthly and annual advertising rates please use the comments section below.

Your ad will be hotlinked to your existing website if you have one.

Ads will be initially featured on home page of blog and included in specific county/region of province with map. 


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